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what is the role of a bookkeeper

When your bank statement lines are fed into your accounting software, it’s much easier to keep an eye on cash flow and it also saves on data entry time. The job description of a Bookkeeper is essential in the running of any what is a bookkeeper business. A bookkeeper account for all financial transactions, including costs, purchases, invoices, sales revenue, and payments. People in this role are responsible for maintaining and recording all financial transactions.

  • The accounting cycle begins with the time the transaction takes place and continues to close the accounts.
  • The field of accounting involves the processing and documenting of financial information about corporations and businesses.
  • They monitor cash flow and produce financial reports to assist managers in taking strategic decisions.
  • Keep reading to learn more about what bookkeepers do and how they can help you make your business better.
  • Acertified public accountant is the higher expert in the field of accounting, for which the bookkeeper needs only a basic understanding and certification.
  • She is a former Google Tech Entrepreneur and she holds an MSc in International Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University.

Bookkeepers prepare and send invoices to customers and ensure they are entered into the proper accounts in the accounting system. Typically once a month, customer statements are prepared and sent out and bookkeepers often contact customers with past-due invoices to make payment arrangements. With the diversity of industries and sectors of operation, the role of a bookkeeper can be anywhere from narrow day-to-day bookkeeping to broader and more complex financial accounting. For instance, on the one hand, a bookkeeper in a relatively small organization does not have to worry about advanced reconciliations and management accounting/finance.

What are the duties of a bookkeeper?

That said, bookkeeping is more than just dropping numbers into a spreadsheet—it takes meticulous analysis and just enough legal know-how. After all, bookkeepers will help you survive an audit by making sure your financial records are in order and your deductions are legal. Plus, anyone who has tried to manage the income and expenses of their own business knows that bookkeepers deserve some serious respect.

Without focusing all that much on the overall financial analytics, a bookkeeper maintains as accurate a record as possible. There are some financial tasks that bookkeepers aren’t equipped for; that’s where accountants come in. While bookkeepers record daily transactions, accountants use the information compiled by a bookkeeper to produce financial reports. On a day-to-day basis, your bookkeeper will typically be responsible for recording the financial transactions of your business.

What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

However, accountants usually have a degree in accounting or finance and additional certifications. Instead of putting trust in an individual bookkeeper or hiring a costly large firm, your small business can take advantage of the broad spectrum of services offered by FinancePal. In addition to bookkeeping, FinancePal provides small business payroll and tax services that are tailored to your needs and easily accessible online. We’ve worked with businesses large and small to streamline their bookkeeping and help them thrive. Usually, the entry-level salary for both bookkeepers and accountants tends to be similar; however, the earning potential of an accountant tends to increase as their career progress. It is not uncommon for an experienced bookkeeper to make a career transition into accounting or another profession.

what is the role of a bookkeeper

The field of accounting involves the processing and documenting of financial information about corporations and businesses. If you’re frustrated with how long it takes for your books to be updated or you have no idea the state of your cash flow, look seriously at software to help speed up the process. If you owned a construction company, however, you might have dozens of transactions each day as you pay contractors and buy supplies. On top of that, you might need complex reports so that you can track spending for each individual project you’re working on.

Salary Information for Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks

In some cases, accountants also make recommendations to help the business or businessperson attain and maintain higher levels of profitability. The person holding the role of a bookkeeper is often required to have extensive experience handling financial transactions in a similar bookkeeping environment. This role requires a person with computer literacy regarding specific accounting and financial software. Limited exposure to technology may limit the efficiency of any individual who occupies this role. Accounting and bookkeeping are similar as they deal with an organization’s financial data. They’re also similar in their need for analysis; however, the kind of analysis concerned differs, our CPA says.

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Because accounting roles require actual analysis of the accounts versus simply inputting of numbers, individuals working in this type of position also benefit from having analytical skills. To better understand how these roles offer different types of services, imagine that your car is damaged in an accident so you take it to two garages to get quotes. The first garage gives you an itemized list of everything that is wrong with the vehicle, as well as the corresponding costs to fix it. I do not see anyone being successful in the job of Bookkeeper if they do not have an advanced appreciation of financial operations and accounting principles. Also, it is impossible to see how someone can be effective if they have not mastered various accounting and computer packages such as those supported by digital technology. The KSAOs in this role is important when developing a job description for a bookkeeper.

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