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The most significant benefits of Java as an AI language include its ease of use, quick debugging, portability, and autonomous memory manager. Swing and SWT have been integrated into Java, which gives the interfaces and graphics a sleek, contemporary appearance. Because of its “write once, run anywhere” programming philosophy, Java, which was initially introduced more than 20 years ago in 1995, is employed by AI programmers. Java is meant to have the fewest dependencies possible, so it can be run on any platform with little effort. The major advantage is its versatility – if you are a beginner, there are thousands of useful tutorials available on the internet that make your learning easier and more effective. Prolog is well suited for problems involving structured objects and relations between them.


Python isn’t only possibly the fastest programming language, it’s also user-friendly and has scripting and natural-language-processing capabilities. This popular language has large deep learning libraries of resources full of modules, frameworks, and concepts that speed up AI development. Some must-use Python libraries for machine learning and AI are Pandas, Tensor Flow, SciPy, NumPy, and Keras. It has simple high-level syntax and a large variety of libraries. Python supports object-oriented, functional and procedural styles of programming. With Python, you can build neural networks and machine learning solutions perfectly, as well as test algorithms and solve NLP issues.

Which AI Language Is Easiest To Learn?

As it turns out, there’s only a small number of programming languages for AI that are commonly used. C. C is a popular low-level language among system administrators and embedded system developers. However, it’s not well-suited for AI development because it doesn’t have many high-level features. Python produces extremely readable, short code, especially compared to languages like Java. It’s even easier to learn Python because there are so many tutorials, projects, and bootcamps online. Less popular languages may not have as many examples available.

It is one of the technologies powering Facebook’s face recognition tool, DeepFace. Plus, many organizations already maintain Java codebases from other projects, and countless open-source tools have been written in this language. Choosing Java as a programming language for ML projects simplifies their integration with existing code repositories.

The Best Programming Languages for AI

Nevertheless, developers achieve great results using existing tools. As you see, it may be a real challenge to identify the best programming language for artificial intelligence. IPL was the first higher-level language created for AI purposes in 1956.

  • A number of AI applications involve big data and crunching of big numbers.
  • Designed by Jeff Bezanson, Alan Edelman, Stefan Karpinski and Viral B. Shah in 2012, Julia supports concurrent, parallel and distributed computing.
  • Some great open source libraries for Java you should use during AI development are Java-Ml, Deep Learning for Java, and Apache Spark’s MLib.
  • White helps to expand BairesDev’s business at a global scale while managing new market research, overseeing growth projects, and generating leads.
  • Python is also a leading language for data analysis and machine learning.
  • Over the years, R has become an open-source language that allows statistical data analysis and graphing.

C++ is another language that has been around for quite some time, but still is a legitimate contender for AI use. One of the reasons for this is how widely flexible the language is, which makes it perfectly suited for resource-intensive applications. C++ is a low-level language that provides better handling for the AI model in production. And although C++ might not be the first choice for AI engineers, it can’t be ignored that many of the deep and machine learning libraries are written in C++.

What do the best languages for AI development have in common?

There are a number of excellent languages for writing AI models, such as Python, Java, and R. More importantly, the man who created Lisp was very influential in the field of AI, so much of his work had been implemented for a long time. Artificial Intelligence is on everybody’s mind—especially businesses looking to accelerate growth beyond what they’ve previously been able to achieve. With AI, your business can save time and money by automating and optimizing typically routine processes. Once AI is in place, you can be sure that those tasks will be handled faster and with more accuracy and reliability than can be achieved by a human being. If your company is looking to integrate Artificial Intelligence, there are a few languages you should seriously consider adding to your developer’s toolkit.

Why Python is the best programming language for machine learning?

Python is a programming language that distinguishes itself from other programming languages by its flexibility, simplicity, and reliable tools required to create modern software. Python is consistent and is anchored on simplicity, which makes it most appropriate for machine learning.

You can also study in certificate programs offered by universities on Coursera. Most of these resources are open source, meaning that they are free for anyone to use. Python packages can be installed directly on your computer at little to no cost, and you can find lots of online forums to help you find learning resources.


To meet the growing demand of the industry, there are several other programming languages that are expanding their capabilities to become the best AI programming language of tomorrow. R is a very popular programming language for statistical programming, especially data analysis and statistical computing. The language was created by statisticians Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. As of March 2022, R is ranked at 11th position in the TIOBE index. Developed by MIT in 2012, Julia is a relatively new AI programming language designed to effectively handle expansive numerical analysis and handle large data sets with ease.

What will replace Python?

Having evolved into a go-to programming language, Rust has seen an increase in its adoption. Although Python holds a firm place in the machine learning and data science community, Rust is likely to be used in the future as a more efficient backend for Python libraries. Rust has huge potential to replace Python.

SHARK supports linear regression and other supervised learning algorithms. MLPACK offers extensible algorithms that can be integrated into scalable ML solutions. Everyone is looking for high-performance, fast, and safe software development, and Rust helps you achieve that! It is a general-purpose programming language that developers love to use for AI development. The syntax of Rust is similar to C++ but the former also offers memory safety and prevents garbage collection. Prolog is a logic programming language from the early ’70s that’s particularly well suited for artificial intelligence applications.

Best Programming Language for AI

When it comes to best ai language, knowledge in this area is vital. We invite you to study this issue and consider what IT knowledge is needed to work on such projects. ML is one of the ways to use AI in computer technology when working with data.

range of applications

We can even perform motion object detection and tracking algorithms with this library. And finally, OpenCV allows us to train the Neural Network in an arbitrary environment. Apache Jena — a framework to create web and linked data applications. To start implementing AI, you should have the basic knowledge of traditional algorithms and concepts.


You can build neural networks from scratch using C++ and translate user code into something machines can understand. Plus, Java’s object-oriented design makes the language that much easier to work with, and it’s sure to be of use in AI projects. Though Android developers have the option to work with Kotlin as well, Java is a native language for Android app development. In the present day, the language is just as capable, but because of its difficult syntax and complicated libraries, it’s rare that developers flock to Lisp first.

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Best AI Search Engine: Neeva, Bing, Bard, WebChatGPT, YouChat.

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It can take six to eight weeks for a beginner to learn the fundamental principles of Python. For the more advanced aspects of Python, it might take up to six months. A person who is already familiar with programming concepts can learn Python in less time. You should learn Python first as its syntax is more beginner-friendly than Java.

Each of these offers a different learning style, so pick the one that feels right for you. If you are new to software development, prolog online compiler might be a new word in your library. However, the Programming in Logic language has been on the market since the 1960th and is now used for AI development. Java programming is one of the most common fields at the moment, and if you ask developers across the world what is the most popular language, they will surely name Oracle Java. One of the main reasons why this language is selected for creating AI products is a smooth and simple Virtual Machine.


Python has several applications in numerous industries on its own. Many engineers pick Python as their favorite language due of its straightforward syntax and use of English-language terms. Each programming language has its own special strengths when it comes to programming for artificial intelligence. Others are built to perform numerical analysis, while some are excellent at natural language processing.

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