Ethereum vs Bitcoin: How Do ETH and BTC Compare?

Both systems use blockchain technology to validate and record transactions. Still, forthcoming changes to Ethereum, commonly referred to as Ethereum 2.0, should significantly update the crypto’s speed, sustainability and accessibility. The risk, however, is that Ethereum has become such a leader in the blockchain space that other rivals are constantly popping up to challenge it. Rival Layer 1 blockchains such as Solanaand Avalanche are still mentioned as potential “Ethereum-killers” due to their speed, low transaction fees, and superior scalability. Ethereum’s successful transition to a proof-of-stake blockchain as part of The Merge this year, though, should help assuage some of those concerns.

ethereum vs bitcoin

Definitely not as a beginner, according to the experts we’ve talked to. Altcoins are even more unpredictable than the already-volatile Bitcoin and Ethereum. No spam — just heaps of sweet content and industry updates ethereum vs bitcoin in the crypto space. This means that the same sized trade on Ethereum will affect the market twice as much as Bitcoin. But overall, Bitcoin is intended as more of a general-purpose currency for everyday life.

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For this reason, Ethereum 2.0 was announced and built as the scalable version of Ethereum. The new version will transition Ethereum away from Proof-of-Work towards Proof-of-Stake, an alternative solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem. Firstly, it greatly increases the resource costs of running a full node. The size of the Ethereum blockchain is larger and is growing faster than Bitcoin’s blockchain.

  • The former is the first cryptocurrency, designed as a store of value and medium of exchange—but today mostly employed as a speculative risk asset.
  • The original crypto is down by more than 50% since the start of the year, and has only recently rallied from its June low of around INR 1,414,375.
  • Ethereum’s successful transition to a proof-of-stake blockchain as part of The Merge this year, though, should help assuage some of those concerns.
  • In PoW blockchains, miners from around the world race to solve a cryptographic puzzle.
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  • These features make Bitcoin the prime candidate to become the reserve currency of the world.

However, with Bitcoin, this charge is very low, making it a more attractive alternative to conventional electronic transactions. But most importantly, cryptocurrencies use blockchain, which is a set of records that are placed into a container known as a block. Ethereum is such a flexible platform that some people are actually starting to hold their Bitcoin on the Ethereum chain instead of on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is known as a “wrapped bitcoin.” Ether cannot be held on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, Bitcoin is much more widely accepted as a cash replacement — there is even a Bitcoin search engine where you can find products to buy in Bitcoin.

Comparing Bitcoin to Ethereum is a bit like comparing oranges to apples. While they are both cryptocurrencies, they serve inherently different purposes. Back in June 2017 Ethereum’s market cap indeed reached over 80% of Bitcoin’s market cap. This was mainly due to the ICO hype which was funded through Ether, increasing its demand. Today, Ethereum’s market cap is around 10% of Bitcoin’s total market cap. All proposed improvements must undergo peer review and rigorous testing prior to being merged.

Many Ethereum proponents believe Ethereum’s market cap will surpass Bitcoin’s market cap. This event is known as the flippening, since the #1 and #2 spots of the cryptocurrency chart “flip”. This algorithm is designed to resist processing by ASIC devices; as a result, Ethereum mining is primarily performed by graphics cards. Ethereum’s blockchain can process around 25 transactions per second.

This allows those gamers who aren’t familiar with crypto gaming to try it on for size for no upfront investment. They can play the game, see how much they love it and be educated about how P2E works along the way. RobotEra is putting the power of creation in the hands of people all across the world. LBank has already agreed to list D2T on its exchange once all Presale Stages have completed, which is a huge boost for the project’s legitimacy and potential growth.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Which One is Better?

Tampering is detected via hashes, which are long strings of integers that must be identical for each node. The SHA-256 hash function, which processes data to transform it into extremely long strings of numbers, is used by the Bitcoin network to process sets of data and turn them into hashes. When a valid hash is discovered, it is broadcast to the network and recorded in a new block. Bitcoin is the most popular, established, valuable, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency around.

Any time you carry out a transaction with either cryptocurrency, you’ll be charged an amount that helps pay for the network’s technology. These fees can sometimes come on top of whatever fee you might be paying to the crypto platform or payment provider you’re using. Andy Rosen covers cryptocurrency investing and alternative assets for NerdWallet. He has more than 15 years of experience as a reporter and editor covering business, government, law enforcement and the intersection between money and ideas. In these roles, Andy has seen cryptocurrency develop from an experimental dark-web technology into an accepted part of the global financial system.

Bitcoin or Ethereum: What New Crypto Investors Should Know About Both Before They Buy

Each new block contains numerous state changes, which are synchronized across the nodes of the Ethereum network. A blockchain is a ledger, a database designed to be shared between the nodes of a distributed network, as we explained in What Is a Blockchain and How Does It Work? A blockchain ledger stores data in blocks composed of multiple records. Both bitcoin and ethereum come with significant risk and price volatility.

ethereum vs bitcoin

In part, this has to do with the historical returns Bitcoin has delivered over time. Over its entire lifetime, Bitcoin has delivered an unbelievable 16,531.8% to investors. And it has survived at least five crypto bear market cycles, skyrocketing higher each time. Bitcoin’s impressive historical returns, combined with its deep liquidity and potential to power the future of online payments, makes it an attractive long-term investment target.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum 2.0 is the next generation of the Ethereum blockchain that uses a proof-of-stake model to verify transactions. The potential applications of Ethereum are wide-ranging and are powered by its native cryptographic token, ether . In 2014, Ethereum launched a presale for ether, which received an overwhelming response.

ethereum vs bitcoin

Since it’s in Presale now, there’s no better time to jump in on the investment. One of the highlights of the platform is the social signals it provides. This allows traders to see what’s being talked about online, which gives them an inside look at where the future value of crypto projects could go. So, while Bitcoin will almost always have more overall value per-unit, ETH may be the major crypto that will provide more gains in 2023. Hashing algorithms are how these systems can maintain their privacy and ensure security. As for the average amount of time it takes to add a block to the blockchain, in Bitcoin it takes 10 minutes.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Aren’t Competitors

A dApp is an application that isn’t controlled by a central authority. Twitter is an example of a centralized app, with users relying on it as an intermediary to send and receive messages. As such, users play by the rules it enforces and the algorithm it uses to control content. Before Bitcoin, the trouble with the digital currency concept is that they were all just strings of computer code and could be copied infinitely and spent twice—or countless times. A consensus mechanism is a type of algorithm used to run a blockchain. The main goal of any consensus mechanism is to solve what’s known as the “double spend” problem.

Here also, the transactions are stored in an immutable distributed ledger. You can pay the miner more money to have him pay special attention to your transaction; however, the transaction will go through even if you don’t pay a fee. On the other hand, you must provide some amount of ether for your transaction to be successful on Ethereum. This gas drives the computation that allows your transaction to be added to the blockchain. Cryptocurrency works in a very similar way to “normal” currency . One factor that any investor should consider when opening an account are the trading features offered by the trading platform.


Transactions, including smart contract transactions, are permissionless. With the move to proof of stake, the ethereum network hopes to bring down its energy consumption by 99.95%. Bitcoin is older than ethereum and generally slower at processing transactions.

It employs validators to ensure that each crypto unit can only be spent once, and to record each transaction on a distributed ledger for all of the world to see. Have emerged as the two top options for crypto investors looking for relative safety. Bitcoin and Ethereum have the longest track records, a demonstrated ability to overcome down market cycles, and very deep liquidity.

These features make Bitcoin the prime candidate to become the reserve currency of the world. Arogyalokesh is a Technical Content Writer and manages content creation on various IT platforms at Mindmajix. He is dedicated to creating useful and engaging content on Salesforce, Blockchain, Docker, SQL Server, Tangle, Jira, and few other technologies. Bitcoin is a simple transaction where Ethereum is a conditional transaction. Bitcoin block size limit is 1Mb where Ethereum block size is unlimited. Bitcoin uses the hashcash algorithm and Ethereum uses the hash algorithm.

Smart contracts—and therefore dApps—consume gas when they run and are charged an amount consonant with the resources they use. Much of what we wrote about Bitcoin and its blockchain applies to every cryptocurrency, including EthereumEther. That shouldn’t be surprising because Bitcoin is in many ways the “original,” the model on which other blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies are constructed. For both Bitcoin and Ethereum, you may be able to reduce the processing time for a transaction by paying a higher fee.

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