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Marketing is so important, no matter the type of business you own. The savviest small-business marketers are the ones who figure out exactly who their customers are and advertise directly outsourced bookkeeping services to them. Help businesses with an overview of their finances to help them understand their habits. You should be a member of at least one professional bookkeeper association.

What are the 4 important activities in bookkeeping?

The process of bookkeeping involves four basic steps: 1) analyzing financial transactions and assigning them to specific accounts; 2) writing original journal entries that credit and debit the appropriate accounts; 3) posting entries to ledger accounts; and 4) adjusting entries at the end of each accounting period.

It may take some background research to find a suitable bookkeeper because, unlike accountants, they are not required to hold a professional certification. A strong endorsement from a trusted colleague or years of experience are important factors when hiring a bookkeeper. There is a difference between an accountant and a certified public accountant .


Non-Profit Save time working, spend more time saving the world. Contact Us Get in touch with our 24/7 live support team for free. Do your documents use color and seem to be professionally designed? Take care to control the new prospective client’s perception of you and what they think they see in you. You’ll find other ideas in our blog post on finding new clients.

  • You don’t have time to clean up messy books or deal with the IRS notices that result from inaccurate tax filings.
  • Landing your blog post on Google’s first page will get you a nice flow of web visits and also help you get bookkeeping clients.
  • You’ll find plenty of information about the bookkeeping profession on its website.
  • We’ll learn about your business and determine what you need, across our services.
  • Assets are what the company owns such as its inventory and accounts receivables.
  • However, if you only have a bookkeeper, outsourcing to an accounting service who partners with your CPA is the best way to gain both reliance and compliance.

Book a call with an ecommerce accountant today to learn more. Virtual bookkeeping firms also need several non-accounting software subscriptions. You should have PDF editing, presentation, and time management or workflow software. Microsoft Office Suite used to be a requirement, but many virtual bookkeeping businesses use the free Google Workspace products. You’ll also need to choose a bookkeeping software for your own bookkeeping business. Some offer a bookkeeper or accountant edition that is designed specifically for bookkeeping companies to use both for their own books and as a portal to their client’s books.

If I’m not a Certified Public Accountant, do I need a CPA to open an accounting firm?

This step is important because it establishes your business as legitimate and may help to limit your personal liability if your company is ever sued. Whether you are doing this part-time or full-time, you don’t want to skip this step. It is illegal to prepare a client’s tax return and not sign it as the paid preparer. This means you cannot use do-it-yourself software like TurboTax or TaxAct to prepare client returns because they don’t allow for a paid-preparer signature.

Is bookkeeping profitable business?

Extremely. In fact, you're onto something that could turn out to be quite lucrative for you in the short and long term. Top individual full-time bookkeepers can make well over 6-figures. Even part-time bookkeepers stand to do well in today's economy.

Talk to people in your network who are also bookkeepers and ask what they are charging. In doing so, you can get a good idea as to the range bookkeepers charge for services.

How to start a bookkeeping business: Top tips to help you succeed

This allows technologies like machine learning and workflow tools to automate the right areas, while the human component tackles the more complex problems and critical thinking. For 6 years, Botkeeper has remained one of the top-selling automated bookkeeping solutions in the marketplace. Financial obligations don’t rest—whether they’re yours or your customers’. Ignite Spot can keep you up to date on both sides each month.

  • Practice management software is arguably the most important piece of bookkeeping software in your own accounting firm business.
  • For more ideas, check out Jetpack Workflow’s suggestions on how to market your virtual bookkeeping business.
  • When interviewing for a CPA, look for an accountant who understands tax law and accounting software and has good communication skills.
  • While it’s tempting to offer your services online to a worldwide audience, it adds a lot of complexity to your operations.
  • Anticipating these concerns helps make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible.

A bookkeeper is responsible for identifying the accounts in which transactions should be recorded. Assets are what the company owns such as its inventory and accounts receivables. Assets also include fixed assets which are generally the plant, equipment, and land. If you look you look at the format of a balance sheet, you will see the asset accounts listed in the order of their liquidity. Asset accounts start with the cash account since cash is perfectly liquid.

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